Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Viscom 4 - League of Legend story rewrite : The Void

For Viscom 4 class, we are going to choose a game or film to redesign.
And of course I chose League of Legend!!! (played a lot, i'm so called "the work hard play hard student" kkk...)  and we are required to focus on one environment, one character, one transportation and 3 keyframes this whole term.

my idea for the LOL is not redesigning anything or designing a new champion but to develop a new game (could be RPG or whatever it could be). And I wrote about an early historical story for the mystery space The Void. (Copyright please <3 ) I really think if Riot has new game that also involves some LOL's champions will be really cool!! the champions might be the hidden characters that requires the players to finish some missions to unlock, or they could just appears somewhere sometimes in a sudden so players would be excited and maybe taking pic, uploading to FB to showoff lol (I will)!!!

anyway, here is the 8 ideations I did for the keyframes, and may make a trailer later this semester! ;)

- Rewritten Story-


for week 4, we kind of jump in to the interior design in advance before we do the final rendering for exterior views, and my concept is to design some damaged places where the king and the wizard made the agreement, and also a peaceful castle interior for the opening happy theme ( the period when the king was healthy and the kingdom is peaceful)
and still, our homework is not allowed to put any characters into the theme, so just the environment drawing for now!! :)

I'm doing the king and the wizard,
the wizard is different from the one I done for costume design class because one is designed based on the costume, and the other one here is gonna based more on the character's characteristic.

we started with the silhouettes and the rough sketches

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

studies / fun stuffs

 -------- Kidizoom camera --------

---------- Car Engine & Gears----------

--------- Magnet ---------

--------- plant ---------


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Architecture 1

week 1&2 - Ancient Egypt/ Rome/ Greek

week 3&4 - Medieval 

week 5&6 - Renaissance

week 7&8 - Asia

week 9&10 - modern architectures

week 11&12 - Future

Thursday, February 6, 2014

COSTUME DESIGN - design for a character

the first project is the week 1-3 homework for Costume design class
the 3rd page I posted here is called "the mood collage"
which is, collecting the pictures and then adjust the color on the photoshop to show the basic style and design language for your "design team"!!
but well, we don't work on team yet, so I'm going to do all the works here!!! :P

* the assignment is basically designing a costume for a character,
and my character is a wizard who doesn't have gender, is evil, but attractive!
above is my mood collage, 10 ideations, and a little details,
enjoy <3


from week 6, we started to work on the second project - 
A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare.
and I chose to design the fairy queen, Titania.
we are also asked to use our resource book (the historical costume reference book we make for this class that contains different time periods of fashions from eastern to western), and I chose ancient Egypt as my character's time period.

----- in class model painting/ drawing -----
(5~15 mins posts)