Saturday, November 10, 2012

oil works during 2008-2009

After visiting couple museums and galleries, I finally found
a way painting figures, and for me it's always important to try out
other kind of subject to paint. The left one was painted as my parents'
future cafe that I promised for them, and the right one was just a practice.

the one on the right was based on Victoria's secret's model's feature,
and I'm apologized that I don't remember her name, but well, this hasn't
been done, and I'm not actually planning to finish it, but i believe that this
painting shows a lot of improvement I'd had during the past few years (2007-2009),
and I'm proud of my works and glad I got a chance to show it here. :)

the left one, "Rocking the Mirror", was done in 2008. This was my
self-protrait as well. Because everything is in mirror, everything such as 
the guitar and the word "Rock"are opposite.
and the one on the right is the gift for my friend, "Sammy".

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